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          Sam Baron and Yatzer look back to &quot;humankind&apos;s earliest ceramics&quot; for MateusRelated story
          时间:2018-09-04 14:56

          Sam Baron and Costas Voyatzis, founder of Yatzer, have created a collection of irregular, handmade and hand-painted ceramics for Swedish design company Mateus.

          The collection is a collaboration between French designer Baron and Voyatzis, founder of Yatzer, an online platform celebrating fine and applied art. It will be launched at this September&aposs Maison & Objet to mark Yatzer&aposs 25th anniversary.

          Named Mateus meets Sam Baron meets Yatzer, all the ceramic pieces in the collection are handmade and hand-painted, using a palette of subtle neutral colours and a clean design language.

          "Conceived as a tribute to the company&aposs origins, as well as an homage to pottery, the collection&aposs clean lines and stylistically pure design language draws from both the pre-historic and the modernist principles of form follows function to create a line of timeless, elemental objects," said Mateus.

          The collection consists of four basic forms – a plate, a bowl, a vase and a cup – that come in various sizes and colours, based on a palette of earthy colours found in nature and with an unglazed, uneven finish.

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          Rock-like Mater vases feature inside Copenhagen restaurant Noma

          "We went back to humankind&aposs earliest ceramics by designing humble and simple containers for food with a singular presence in their users&apos daily lives," said Baron and Voyatzis. "Their irregular but geometric shapes and subtle tones mean they used for different occasions or even as decorative pieces."

          The toned-down palette allows the pieces to be easily mixed and matched, both within the collection and with Mateus&apos previous products.

          Mateus is known for creating hand-painted ceramics with vibrant colours and decorative patterns. This muted collection presents a different approach for the brand and is a nod to the oldest methods of crafting ceramics.

          "We wanted the new collection to embody Mateus&apos soul rather than its looks," said Voyatzis.

          This is Baron and Voyatzis second collaboration, the first was for a Yatzer pop-up shop in Milan in 2016. The new collection Mateus meets Sam Baron meets Yatzer will be on show at Maison & Objet 2018&aposs September edition in Paris.

          Danish designers Frederik Nystrup-Larsen and Oliver Sundquist have created a series of knobbly concrete vases that looks like lava rocks, for the new home of prolific Copenhagen restaurant Noma.

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