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          French paint manufacturer Ressource brings a fresh approach to the paint industry despite having been around since 1946. Long before it was trendy, they focused on eco-friendly practices making it no surprise the company has outlasted most other independent French paint manufacturers long after others have shuttered. Currently, the Provence-based Ressource produces more than 950 beautiful hues that the United States can finally get their hands on after they recently opened a new showroom in New York City. Since many of us hadn't heard about the indie brand, we're taking a closer look inside to see how they're creating paint differently, in this bonus Deconstruction.

          Photo copyright of Genevieve Gleize

          Ressource is a pioneering French high-end brand of decorative paints, which combines heritage and innovation since 1946. The manufacturing of paint starts by carefully mixing marble powder and water to create a base.

          Photo copyright of Genevieve Gleize

          Through its core values of quality, authenticity, ethics, and generosity, Ressource uses the best products in the manufacturing of their paints, like Titanium Powder to achieve the best quality and highest opacity.

          Photo copyright of Genevieve Gleize

          The roots of the company explain its great expertise in mineral pigments, as well as its sensitivity to environmental issues. Ressource is committed to use eco-friendly resins for over 20 years.

          Photo copyright of Genevieve Gleize

          Ressource is well-known for their long-lasting experience in manufacturing paint, and state-of-the-art machinery to obtain their vast heritage color scheme.

          Photo copyright of Genevieve Gleize

          Ressource's paints are among the highest professional-quality products available, offering fantastic coverage, a large selection of finishes that are available for professionals and inpidual customers alike. Ressource pays close attention to every detail, including labeling, packaging and distribution.

          Photo copyright of Genevieve Gleize

          Not only is Ressource a manufacturer, but also, they have their own laboratory. Ressource's engineers can experiment creating new shades, but also run daily production tests, to verify their high standards of quality.

          Photo copyright of Genevieve Gleize

          Ressource House of Paints invest every year in technology and state-of-the-art equipment to provide the highest quality paint, innovation, and cutting-edge research.

          Photo copyright of Genevieve Gleize

          Ressource displays a joyful, nurtured and colorful Art de vivre which strives to enhance and bring harmony to everyday life. New color trends that keep the company at the forefront of colors in fashion, decoration, and artistic creation in general.

          Every year, Ressource creates and makes a paint collection #x201C;signed#x201D; by a modern designer, architect#x2026;.in order to continuously expand its range of color. Ressource's new collections are always the result of encounters, affinities between people passionate about color. There are no rules, there is no strict timetable to release a new collection, some collaboration studies take longer than others. We are committed to creating inspiring colors to encourage the creativity of our clients. Ressource gives #x201C;carte blanche#x201D; to its partners to name their own colors.

          Photo copyright of Genevieve Gleize

          Ressource's paint manufacturing facility is situated in Provence, France, with an in-site application workshop where all catalogues, fan decks, and hand-painted samples are made.

          Photo copyright of Genevieve Gleize

          Hand-painted catalogues, fan decks and samples are available at Ressource's showrooms. Ressource's team of professional and passionate color experts will readily share any advice, personalized assistance, and over 950 original eco-friendly colors to get inspired.

          Ressource's thirst for authenticity, elegance and natural products led to their new collaboration with Maison de Vacances, creating a new line of beautiful lime paint tones and textures. Lime wash paint brings warmth, presence and character to any interior.

          Ressource encourages their customers to express their creativity to the fullest. Their aim is to awaken their imagination, free their audacity and place art and color, at the center of their lives. #x201C;La Vie in Colors#x201D;

          Ressource is highly committed to breathing new life into colors.

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